What is Sinus lift bone graft?

What is Sinus lift bone graft?

You may have heard of sinus lift procedure and bone graft in association with dental implants.

A dental implant requires adequate amount of bone for its placement. However, in the back of the upper jaw we have the maxillary sinus.  The sinus cavity size varies among individuals, and that it tends to increase in size with age. Occasionally, this leave little bone for tooth implant’s placement. Hence the procedure called sinus lift is used allowing the fit of bone graft and facilitate implant’s placement.

A sinus lift London is performed to return the level of the sinus floor to a height that will be adequate for implant placement. It requires a careful planning by the implant dentist to avoid any risks.

The procedure involves gum incisions in the back upper jaw using an open “window” approach for sinus lift.

Dr Daoudi, specialist dentist also apply a special sinus lift technique using internal – key hole – sinus lift technique. This allows accessing the sinus after preparing a small key hole access.

Once the sinus is entered, the sinus membrane will be “lifted” carefully allowing the addition of bone graft. On many occasions dental implants can be placed at the same surgery. This allow quicker healing less surgery intervention and less dental implant cost.

The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. In selective cases, sedation can be administered.

We also combine the use of growth factors PRF. This can be collected after taking some of your own blood and use special machine to extract the PRF. This result I quicker healing with less introduction of foreign materials in the body.

Finally, stitches will then be used to secure the gum tissue and care must be taken to allow for healing.

Once the bone graft is totally healed and become solid, final tooth can be fitted

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