Same Day Teeth: All on Four Dental Implant…Do they work?

Same Day Teeth: All on Four Dental Implant…Do they work?

Over the past few years, the all on 4 dental implant procedure has been increasingly popular

It is claimed to be the one solution to replace missing teeth.

This procedure is also advertised as same day teeth or a smile in a day. The concept is to surgically place 4 tooth implant london in strategic locations in the jawbone avoiding the need for advanced bone graft procedures. This followed immediately by the fit of a provisional fixed bridge achieving the desired cosmetic dentistry outcome.

This allow immediate replacement of the missing teeth restoring smile and function all in one day.

The treatment approach is not totally new and it has been used for many years.

However, now we know more about dental implants how they work and more crucially about their limitations and possible complications including periimplantitis


At London Smile Care we tend to be selective in offering this treatment option to replace missing teeth. We base it on the best for each patient individual case.

Dr Daoudi, specialist prosthodontics with 20 years experience in dental implants always recommend “keeping own teeth is the best policy…

This is what nature gave us, our teeth wont be rejected and if your own teeth got a problem we have a wealth of experience in dealing with teeth problems like tooth decay, root canal treatments and managing gum disease”.


However, if the patient lost all of their teeth careful assessment will be needed to assess the best option to replace them including the use of cosmetic dentures or tooth implants to support implant denture.

At London Smile Care we always do our best to provide tailored made treatment to suite each individual patient needs.

In addition to reduce future complications with you dental implant we recommend the fit of 6 tooth implants in the upper jaw and 4-5 in the lower…but keeping the fee to the original 4 implants option.

The above recommendations will make only limited change to the your dental implant cost and will pay dividends with long term security.

For further information, feel free to contact us. Dr Daoudi will be happy to answer your questions.


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