How much is a dental Implant ?

How much is a dental Implant ?

A dental implant London is special screw made of titanium made. It is inserted into the jaw bone surgically. Once healed, the tooth implant can be used to support a fixed cosmetic crown, dental bridge or a removable semi-fixed cosmetic denture London.

There are many factors need to be considered when planning to have a dental implant to replace your missing tooth/teeth including the following:

Patient Factors:

There are many factors need to be assessed and considered before proceeding with the tooth implant. This can be decided on at the time of examination by the dental implant specialist including the amount of available bone, the need for bone graft or gum graft, the need to provide extra surgical consideration e.g. dental sedation for anxious patient, the need for a temporary tooth replacement or indeed the fit of an immediate dental implant tooth.

Implant Dentist Factors:

How experience is your implant dentist surgeon. There are studies showing that the more experience your implant specialist the more success you get with less future complications.

In some cases you may need to see other specialists like gum specialist to ensure your mouth is health before proceeding with this procedure which add to the cost.

Type Of Dental Implant:  

There are hundreds of implants in the market including many cheap dental implants. Each system claim to provide a good tooth replacement at cheap dental implant price. However, cheap dental implants London may not be associated with the high quality of treatments we offer at London Smile  Care.

We only use the best dental implants with years of research behind each system and good future company support not just for the short term but as long as the implant in service.

For any question, please feel free to contact London Smile Care and Dr Firas Daoudi our specialist dentist with over than 22 years of experience with dental implants.

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