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Cosmetic Veneers (Porcelain)

Ven-7 Dental cosmetic veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. They can be used to improve the shape of misaligned teeth, the colour of your teeth and repair chipped or broken teeth. They can be fitted over dental implants.

Bonding Technique (Smile Makeover)

bonding-1b The bonding technique is an alternative way to achieve limited smile makeover. It is very useful method to repair worn teeth and heavily broken teeth from acid erosion. On many occasions, different techniques are combined together to achieve desired results.


White fillings (Mercury Free)

White-restorations-300x97 At London Smile Care, the leading dental surgery in London, we appreciate the aesthetic concerns many patients have about old metal based fillings and readily replace them with natural tooth coloured composite fillings that are indistinguishable from your existing tooth




How can we help you?


We are smile specialists and can give you a flawless smile to be proud of. Having straighter, longer, shorter and whiter teeth are now all possible using the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques and highest quality materials. iStock_000015397184_LargeSmile makeover is a process involves you, your cosmetic dentist and the team.  It starts with the initial consultation where the dentist can assess your needs and listen to your desires.  A detailed record of your health, teeth, gum, jaw and bite will be recorded .Any necessary x-ray and clinical photographs will also be recorded by the cosmetic dentist. This will allow us to analysis in details your smile.

Following from that a mock-up building of your new smile can be created in wax. This will be used for a trial smile after re-contouring / preparing the teeth.  Once you are satisfied with your trial smile, our specialist technician will make the final cosmetic veneers that will be fitted on the teeth.

Where teeth are missing dental implants or cosmetic bridges or cosmetic dentures can be used to replace the missing teeth. Occasionally, teeth whitening will be needed prior to your smile makeover.

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Our Expertise

DrFirasDaoudi-300x288Dr Firas Daoudi is the principal specialist and cosmetic dentist at London Smile Care Dental Clinic. As a leading UK Specialist in the field of prosthodontics, he made London Smile Care Dental Clinic a centre of excellence delivering high standards of care to patients. His excellence in dentistry has been selected by profile clients including many celebrities and movie stars. With main interest of dental implants, cosmetic veneers, teeth wear, endodontics, TMJ problems and teeth whitening.

Credentials & Memberships:

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Technology & Innovation

We use digital imaging equipment to record every step of your progress to a beautiful smile. It provides a better understanding and recording and  is particularly important with smile makeover and cosmetic veneer cases, as well as dental implants and teeth whitening. 

To ensure a pain free experience, we use the Wand, a computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system.  It doesn’t look like a syringe, it doesn’t feel like a syringe and it works better than a syringe, resulting in a more pleasant experience during your visit at London Smile Care. This system features state-of-the-art technology that makes painful injections a thing of the past. 

100% Satisfied dental clients each and every time!

Creating Perfect Smiles5stars


Thank you very much for all my recent dental repairs.  You deserve a mention in the Guinness Book of Records!

– M.B.

I am very happy with the fantastic dental work you have done. I feel more confident and definitely more attractive. Thank you so much.

– F.B.

I am extremely pleased and impressed with all that you have done for me.  Let’s hope I get through another Rugby season without incurring any damage!

– N.B.

I am delighted with the results.  My teeth look superb and I was treated with kindness and consideration. I will whole-heartedly recommend you to my friends.  

– D.S.
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